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Silky smooth hand-offs between teams. Convert complex SOPs into apps.

Do you feel like you're fighting to keep the team organized?

Things slip through the cracks and clients get angry. It sucks. We've been there and have years of experience helping service businesses scale with software.

Let us help you with yours.

Easy-to-use repeatable processes

Create process docs that look & feel like custom web apps. Include forms, approvals, text, images, and much more!

  • Prevent data entry errors or accidental data deletion

    Ever had data problems with too many people editing the same spreadsheet? Zenstate make it easy to update data — but only the data that should be updated.

  • Track progress every step of the way

    See the expected steps remaining in the process. And see the expected steps update when edge cases happen.

  • Audit processes to see what happened

    Audit all your processes for quality control. See who was involved, what they did, and when.

Repeatable Processes

Silky smooth hand-offs between teams

Work through tasks without ever creating or assigning anything to your teammates. In the background, Zenstate handles creating and assigning related processes without you ever lifting a finger 👌

  • Automatic and conditional hand-offs between teams

    Automation to speed up your workflows. Conditional hand-offs to express any kind of edge-case in your processes.

  • Always have context: Every piece of data is at your fingertips

    Never ask your teammates again what happened earlier in a process. Pull up any data you need in just a few clicks.

Enterprise-ready user management

Zenstate provides user management and task assignment features flexible enough for the most complex enterprise workflows.

  • Usergroup based assignment

    Assign a single teammate or a group of teammates to each step in the process. Or automatically distribute work across teams with round robin assignment.

  • SAML 2.0 & OIDC Single Sign-On

    Use Enterprise SSO providers like Okta and OneLogin. Control application access and security through your SSO provider.

  • Role-based access control

    Assign your team into different groups and assign granular permissions on a group basis.

Integrate with the apps you already use

Move your processes over piece by piece or all at once. Zenstate allows you to keep your processes integrated with all the other tools you use. And export data to do complex process analyses.

  • Connect to 1500+ apps with our Zapier integration

    Use our Zapier integration to move data between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

  • Export your data for analysis

    Export & analyze your process data in BigQuery, Redshift, or directly in your favorite spreadsheet app.

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